B-1 Bomber:


B1 BomberAs a testament to Cote Brothers' commitment to cutting edge technology and ingenuity, they were recently called on to solve a dilemma with the B-1 Stealth Bomber. The Stealth Bomber wing design features a fabric baffle, into which the jet exhaust is diverted during high-speed landings. These 17-foot long baffles would tear under the enormous stress and need to be repaired. Before Cote Brothers was brought in, almost half of the fleet of 98 bombers were grounded because of this problem. The fix at that time was accomplished with sewing the baffles by hand with a baseball stitch, taking weeks to repair just one. Cote Brothers was able to set up a special sewing machine and carrying system for the heavy baffle. The baffle repairs now take a matter of days, and the fleet of Stealth Bombers is now at 100 percent.


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